Jul 012011
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Here are the monthly numbers for my Mobclix earnings from Bus Jumper so far. Note that this is still all hypothetical, because I haven’t been with Mobclix long enough to receive my first payment. Also, since various ad companies pay out 60-90 days after the invoice month, I expect my first payment from Mobclix will be a lot lower than what is shown here. Still, it’s always fun to look at numbers :)

Month Impressions Clicks Earnings
May* 277,166 2351 $59.53
June 208,221 4031 $55.62


  • The May numbers are for 3 weeks, because I launched Bus Jumper on May 8th
  • Sometime around the end of May, I reduced the frequency of ad updates from 30 seconds to 45 seconds, to see if that improved my CTR. That’s at least part of the reason why June has fewer impressions than May. The rest might just be lower interest / fewer people playing the game
  • It’s interesting that even with fewer impressions, June has significantly higher clicks. Not sure what caused that. Better ads?
  • And conversely, even with higher clicks, the revenue is lower. I think that might be the end-of-quarter slump, I’ve read that ad company budgets run out around the end of a quarter. Certainly, the average earnings-per-click number is lower in June

Now I need to wait and see how much of this income I actually receive :)

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  1. Thanks for the report – those are some interesting changes there. I hadn’t considered that the earnings might be reduced this month due to advertiser spending. Certainly something I’ll bear in mind in the future.

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