Bus Jumper Media Kit


About the game

Bus Jumper is a side-scrolling 2D platformer where your goal is to get the bus as high as you can while avoiding falling obstacles. The procedurally generated world is endless, and you can never fall or die. Bus Jumper features online leaderboards and achievements, and the live in-game rank updates in real-time to show you how you stack up against the competition. The controls are simple (tap the screen to jump the bus), the game uses box2d for realistic physics, and the graphics are silly and funny (falling obstacles include cats, hamburgers, beach shorts, and so on). All these combine to make Bus Jumper a fun little time-waster.


BusJumperImages.zip – Unedited screenshots, promo images, banners

BusJumperGameplay.wmv – Downloadable gameplay video

BusJumperPressKit.zip – Everything in one file


YouTube gameplay video

Google Play Store link

About the developer

Ziggy’s Games is a one-man part-time operation. I got interested in Android and game development around the middle of 2011. Bus Jumper is my second game.





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